Monday, 5 May 2014

QTP vs TestComplete vs Selenium

FeatureQTP(11.5 /11)Selenium(2)TestComplete(10)
Language SupportVB ScriptJava, C#, Ruby, Python, PerlVBscript, Jscript, Delphi Script and many other.
Windows (Non-browser)
based Application support
YesPHP , JavascriptFlex, WPF, grids and other controls --NET (Windows Forms), WPF (XAML), Visual C++, Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, C++Builder, Java, JavaFX, Visual FoxPro, Sybase PowerBuilder
Browser supportGoogle Chrome (uptill ver 23)
Internet Explorer , Firefox ( ver 21)
Google Chrome , Internet Explorer ,
Firefox , Opera , HtmlUnit
IE,Support for Opera 17-8, Chrome 31, Firefox 24-26(Web and Rich Internet Application Testing)
Environment SupportOnly WindowsWindows , Linux , Solaris
OS X , Others (If brower & JVM or
Javascript support exists)
Support for Win 64-bit applications
Mobile (Phones & Tablets)
Different commercial product i.e.
HP UFT Mobile (formerly known as
MobileCloud for QTP)
Android , iPhone & iPad ,
Blackberry , Headless WebKit
Windows Desktop and Client/Server, Web, and Mobile. Source,Android platform support,iOS platform support
FrameworkEasily integrated with HP Quality
Center or HP ALM (separate
commercial products)
Selenium + Eclipse + Maven / ANT
+ Jenkins / Hudson & its plugins /
Cruise Control + TestNG + SVN
Enchance tests using external functions
Calling DLL and Windows API functions, using .NET and Java classes ,Data Driven testing-Integrated support for data-driven testing and a built-in test data generator
Continuous IntegrationPossible through Quality Center
/ ALM or Jenkins
Possible through Jenkins / Hudson
/ Cruise Control
Coverage testing with AQtime integration ,Tracing critical failures in applications with AQtrace integration
Tracing exceptions, freezes and crashes in the application under test    ,Integration into Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013.
Object Recognition
/ Storage
Inbuilt Object Repository (storing
Element Id, multiple attributes) along
with weightage that gives flexibility
on deviation acceptance in control
UI Maps and different object location
strategy such as -XPath Element ID
or attribute DOM
Object Recognition is doing by two way1) Default Object Naming2)Name Mapping
Image based TestsEasily possiblestrategy such as -XPath Element IDNeed workaround 
ReportsQuality Center has in-built awesome
possible through testng/junit ,need workaroundin-Build report or customised is possible 
Software CostLicense & Annual maintenance
Coding Experience of
Not MuchShould be very good along with
technical capabilities of integrating
different pieces of framework
Script Creation TimeLessHigh
Hardware resource (CPU
+ RAM) consumption during
script execution
Product SupportDedicate HP support along with
support forums
Open Source Community


  1. Sharp comparison for the Best tool from UFT vs TestComplete vs Selenium.

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