Monday, 5 May 2014

Jmeter Report

 Jmeter Analytics Report Template     
Load checking-During the tests,  monitored the server load, using the top command         
Analytics nameOutput Value ThroughputAvg. time on siteNumber of Threads.Rate of Incoming VisitorsTotal PageviewsTotal Visitors  
Loop Count10.013.676022 11100  
Number of Concurrent Users19.80 60 0.33 100  
Rate of Incoming Visitors 0.33 300   100  
Throughput3.67 300  1100100  
22 concurrent visitors, 10 loops         
Load: XXX         
 SamplesAvg. response time (ms)Min. response time (ms)Max. response time (ms)Std devError %Throughput (pages/sec)Throughput (kb/sec)Avg. transferred bytes
Test 1         
Test 2         
Test 3         
Test 4         

1 comment:

  1. Jmeter analysis need following input parameter prior to testing.which us depends on type of test.
    1.duration of test
    Loop count increase= test duration also increase
    2.Number of input user
    Depends on load increase = rate of visitor
    3.avg time duration by each visitor many page by test